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    Andreas is the Chief Editor for Software at Finixio, where he oversees the direction, management, and quality of content across Business2Community and The Tech Report. Having worked with renowned brands such as ProPrivacy, PCGamesN, and StartMenu in the past, Andreas has been featured in major publications such as InfoSecurity, The Register, and Reader’s Digest, among others. As a writer, Andreas has covered an array of topics, including digital privacy, cybersecurity, VPNs, password managers, and video games. In his free time, Andreas is a dedicated researcher, gamer, and food enthusiast. He has published research on the data economy of the UK charity sector and AdTech, as well as narrative in video games. If he’s not working on his computer or playing his guitar, you can find him under his car trying to fix whatever is broken. Andreas champions neurodivergence and workplace diversity, proudly embracing his ADHD and Cyclothymia while encouraging other professionals to do the same.

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