Bill Gates: AI, Not Web3, Holds the Revolutionary Potential

While tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are captivated by the idea of Web3, Microsoft founder Bill Gates remains unimpressed. The billionaire mogul questions the significance of Web3 and the hype surrounding NFTs, dismissing them as non-revolutionary technologies.

Bill Gates with a robot.

When asked about the technology that could match the internet’s impact at the turn of the century, Gates expressed greater confidence in artificial intelligence (AI) than blockchain. In an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, he declared AI as the game-changer, emphasizing its revolutionary potential.

During the session, Gates repeatedly emphasized the immense value of AI in today’s world of technology. He praised “generative AI,” the branch of AI responsible for content creation, and expressed excitement about recent AI innovations like ChatGPT, which offer a glimpse into the future.

As a respected pioneer in the tech industry, Gates’ opinions carry weight. In 2021, he predicted a shift from 2D platforms like Zoom and Teams to the metaverse for online meetings. He also acknowledged the transformative power of virtual reality technology in enhancing the online meeting experience. However, Gates has made it clear that he remains skeptical about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Microsoft, aligning with Gates’ vision, has been actively exploring the metaverse to bring virtual meetings to life. The company has made its meeting apps accessible on Meta devices and partnered with Meta, Alibaba, and Sony to establish the Metaverse Standards Forum, aiming to shape the future of this immersive digital realm.