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    Dylan is an up-and-coming finance expert and investment banking analyst with a passion for writing about the latest trends in crypto, stocks, and NFTs. He earned his degree in Politics and Economics from Loughborough University in the UK and has since leveraged his knowledge to become a respected freelance writer for several well-regarded publications, including Buyshares and the Motley Fool. In addition to his impressive academic background, Dylan holds a level 7 Diploma in Trading and Financial Analysis from the London Institute of Banking and Finance, which has helped him hone his skills as a trader and investor. He regularly provides trading tips and insights to readers on Stockmendation. Whether covering stocks, ETF investing, or crypto, Dylan's writing is always informed, insightful, and engaging. As an Investment Banking Analyst at Lazar, he has gained valuable experience and knowledge that he incorporates into his work as a writer. Follow Dylan's coverage to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news in the world of finance.

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