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    Gary is a financial analyst with a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Business2Community's crypto and finance news. Gary has a deep understanding of the finance sector, having spent 15 years as a production editor for UK investment magazine Money Observer. During his tenure, he covered a wide range of subjects such as social trading, fixed-income exchange-traded funds, and introduced coverage of bitcoin in 2013. For three years, Gary was the cryptocurrency analyst at the UK's second-largest investment platform, Interactive Investor. He has written extensively on digital assets across crypto media platforms, including Coindesk, Ethereum World News, and The FinTech Times. Gary is also a sought-after commentator on crypto, having been featured in newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, CityAM, and The Sun. In recognition of his outstanding work in the field, global private investor network ADVFN awarded Gary the Cryptocurrency Writer of the Year award in the 2018 ADVFN International Awards. With his expertise and experience, Gary continues to provide insightful analysis and commentary on the cryptocurrency industry.

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