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    Meet Tom, the dedicated editor at Business2Community who ensures that all content on the site is informative, captivating, and relevant to readers. In early 2021, he began dabbling in cryptocurrencies and NFTs as a hobby, but soon developed a keen interest in the technology and its potential to revolutionize our world. Tom is particularly intrigued by the DeFi and GameFi sectors and their ability to transform industries. Prior to joining B2C, Tom spent more than a decade in senior editing and reporting roles at major UK national newspapers, including The Sun, the Independent, and the Daily Mail. During this time, he covered major Champions League and Premier League matches, traveled across Europe for feature writing assignments, and interviewed some of the most prominent names in sports. Now, he brings his expert editorial skills honed from years of working at top news outlets to ensure that Business2Community delivers the most reliable and high-quality cryptocurrency news to its readers. Tom's passion for the technology, combined with his extensive experience in journalism, makes him an invaluable asset to the B2C team.

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